We can provide training for all staff to be able to understand various conditions better and how to support someone with them. 

Our training can go through:

  • What autism, ADHD and Dyslexia are
  • The challenges these conditions present in the workplace
  • Adaptations that can be made from the jobadvert to assessments
  • Reasonable adjustments in the workplace
  • Where to go for further information and support

We can offer more bespoke training so do get in touch


This is our recruitment agency where we can:

  • Use our local connections to find appropriate candidates
  • Conduct ID and Right to Work checks
  • Conduct initial interviews for suitability
  • Discuss reasonable adjustments with both parties
  • Support with Access to Work process and applications


We can provided one-to-one support or to small groups to help employees settle into their new roles or for employers to discuss various aspects of supporting their employee.

This is a bespoke service that is completely tailored to what is needed.

If you are interested in any of our programmes or have another issue you would like to discuss then please send us an email here or contact us on our contact form.

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