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At Practical Matters we understand that employers may have questions and concerns around the idea of hiring someone with a hidden (invisible) disability, including those with neurodiverse conditions. We are here to support you!

We understand that there can be apprehensions around productivity, additional support requirements, costs, legal requirements and how to create an inclusive working environment. Our aim is to support employers from the advertising and recruitment stage to the end of employment to help alleviate these concerns.

All of our services are bespoke to reflect the understanding that all employers are different and have varying needs.

Support we can offer you

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Accessibility Training

To facilitate better understanding and collaboration between individuals with hidden or invisible disabilities and employers, we have designed a comprehensive training program. This course aims to educate employers and their staff on various hidden or invisible conditions and their potential impact on individuals. Furthermore, we will delve into effective strategies for crafting inclusive recruitment adverts, conducting interviews, and providing support to integrate these individuals into your workforce.

Our accessibility training sessions are available for in-person delivery at your office location or can be conducted remotely via Teams.

Our training can go through:

  • What Autism, ADHD and Dyslexia are.
  • The challenges these conditions can present.
  • The positive qualities of being neurodiverse.
  • Adaptations that can be made from the job adverts to assessments.
  • Reasonable adjustments in the workplace.
  • Adaptive software available.
  • Access to Work and passports.
  • Where to go for further information and support.
Accessibility Training

If there are specific topics or areas you wish to address during a training session, please feel free to reach out to us for further discussion. We take pride in our ability to adapt and accommodate the unique requirements of each individual.

As a certified CPD Provider you can rest assured that Practical Matters has the credibility and expertise to deliver high-quality training to you and your employees.

Please do contact us for pricing and session availability.

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Our employment recruitment services provide a comprehensive array of solutions tailored to assist you in securing the ideal candidate for your position. Each candidate we present possesses a hidden or invisible disability, ensuring a commitment to inclusivity. Our services encompass:

  • Leveraging our extensive local network to source suitable candidates.
  • Facilitating identification and Right to Work verification procedures.
  • Conducting preliminary interviews to assess candidate suitability.
  • Facilitating discussions on reasonable accommodations between all involved parties.
  • Providing guidance and assistance throughout the Access to Work process, including application support.
  • DBS applications available upon request.
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If your organisation currently employs an individual with a hidden or invisible disability and seeks guidance on enhancing their support framework, our consultancy service is ready to assist. Recognising the diverse needs within workplace environments and the unique characteristics of each employee, our consultancy offers personalised solutions to address any accommodations.

Examples of our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Facilitating the smooth integration of newly recruited personnel into their roles.
  • Facilitating constructive discussions between employees and their managers to resolve specific questions or concerns.
  • Advising on and implementing reasonable accommodations.
  • Providing guidance and support throughout the Access to Work application process.

We provide a range of support packages tailored to meet your needs:

Package 1

  • This is our flexible pay-as-you-go plan.
  • Book one session at a time.
  • Specify the number of hours per session.
  • Specify support required.

Billed after each session at an hourly rate.

Package 2



  • 4 hours of support per month.
  • Flexible use of time.
  • Specify support required.

Billed monthly

Package 3



  • 10 hours of support per month.
  • Flexible use of time.
  • Specify support required.

Billed monthly

We have packages to suit all your requirements, please contact us for further information and prices

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